Foot Bath Powder 足浴粉
Foot Bath Powder 足浴粉
Foot Bath Powder 足浴粉

Foot Bath Powder 足浴粉

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1. Take out 2 packets of foot bath powder dissolving into the water

2. Add appropriate amount of cold/warm water to enjoy the relaxing foot detox bath.

-Motherwort has the effects of removing blood stasis and creating newness, white peony root removing yin and qi, promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, and swelling.
-Saffron has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, relaxing muscles and collaterals, relieving fatigue, calming the mind and energy, reducing swelling and pain.
-Wormwood has the functions of warming the meridians and dispelling cold, dehumidifying, dispelling dampness and warming the palace, detoxification and beauty, and improving sleep.
-Angelica has the functions of invigorating blood and nourishing the kidney, lack of qi and blood, waist and leg pain, beauty and beauty, regulating menstruation and collaterals.
-Ginger has the functions of warming the spleen and stomach, removing wind and cold, promoting qi to relieve pain, rheumatism, colds, improving qi and blood, and delaying aging.

  • 益母草具有去瘀生新、白芍除阴气、活血调经、利水清肿的作用。
  • 藏红花有活血化瘀、舒筋活络、缓解疲劳、调神静气、消肿止痛的作用。
  • 艾草具有温经散寒、除湿、祛湿暖宫、排毒养颜、改善睡眠的作用。
  • 当归具有活血补肾、气血不足、腰腿疼痛、美容养颜、调经、活络的作用。
  • 老姜具有温脾胃、袪风寒、行气止痛、风湿、感冒、改善气血,延缓衰老的作用。

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