Breast Patch 6 pcs/box 乳腺贴
Breast Patch 6 pcs/box 乳腺贴

Breast Patch 6 pcs/box 乳腺贴

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Breast Lymph Node Patch / Swollen Lymph Nodes / Breast Patch / 乳腺贴乳腺肿块小叶增生硬块疏

Ingredient: Artemisia argyi, safflower, angelica, peach kernel, angelica, Xuanhu, cinnamon, hematoxylin, Sanleng, Wenshu, soap thorn, Chonglou, dandelion, diing, woody, chuanxiong, frankincense, myrrh, borneol, Menthol.

TCM doctrine believes that the meridians (JinLuo - 经络) determine the health of the human body. Once these meridians are blocked, many diseases will occur. Therefore, in order to maintain good health, it is necessary to keep the meridians flowing smoothly. This is especially so for now, where everyone places great importance on supplements, but if the meridians are blocked, supplementing is useless!

The human body is very sensitive. If the meridians are blocked, it will send out a lot of uncomfortable signals to ask for help! Various signals represent different situations, and you can choose the most suitable method and acupoint to adjust according to your own situation.

The first sign of feeling the meridian blockage:  Pain!!!!


  • Apply Lymph patch one hour before bed-time.
  • Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper.
  • Place the Lymph patch on the adhesive were noted to "Put adhesive sheet on this side"
  • Remove Lymph patch after 8-10 hours.
  • Wipe the surface body part with a wet towel until it is no longer sticky.


中医理论认为,经络(金罗 - 经络)决定人体的健康。一旦这些经络被阻塞,就会出现很多疾病。因此,要保持身体健康,就必须保持经络畅通。尤其是现在,大家都非常重视补品,可是如果经络不通,补品就没用了!


中医理论认为,经络(金罗 - 经络)决定人体的健康。一旦这些经络被阻塞,就会出现很多疾病。因此,要保持身体健康,就必须保持经络畅通。尤其是现在,大家都非常重视补品,可是如果经络不通,补品就没用了!







  • 睡前一小时应用淋巴贴片。
  • 取一张不干胶纸,慢慢撕下纸。
  • 将淋巴贴片放在粘合剂上注明“将粘合片放在这一侧”的位置
  • 8-10 小时后去除淋巴贴片。
  • 用湿毛巾擦拭身体表面部分,直至不再粘稠。

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