King of Ginger Germinal Oil 姜王头发营养液 30ml
King of Ginger Germinal Oil 姜王头发营养液 30ml

King of Ginger Germinal Oil 姜王头发营养液 30ml

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The main effect: extract old ginger King and other plants to prevent development and development of hair cream,
apply to a variety of hair loss types, effectively help solve the problem such as fat bald, post-partum hair loss,
congenital hair loss, hair dyeing, and hair loss and other hair loss problems. Promotes scalp nutrient absorption, nourishes and repairs scalp,
quickly helps hair re-growth, improves dryness, develops dense hair, and effectively suppresses dandruff.
Solve hair loss problems from the root!

3 bottles of a cycle, 5 bottles of a course of treatment, insist on using the results
The product makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed, allowing it to form smooth and healthily.

100% brand new and high quality
Function: fast hair growth
Ingredients: ginger, ginseng, loca festival, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil
Capacity: 30ml
Usage: add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly

主要功效:提取老姜王等植物,防止发泥的发育发育, 适用于多种脱发类型,有效地帮助解决诸如脱发,产后脱发, 先天性脱发,染发和脱发以及其他脱发问题。 促进头皮营养吸收,滋养和修复头皮, 快速帮助头发再生,改善干燥度,使头发浓密,并有效抑制头皮屑。 从根本上解决脱发问题

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